Live-Tweeting Packers vs. Falcons Game

I chose to live tweet the Packers vs. Falcons game for #MondayNightFootball. I’m a Bears fan so it was an interesting experience and incredibly difficult to provide coverage on teams I’m unfamiliar with. Also, I’m not very knowledgeable with sports terminology and I was hesitant posting each of my tweets. I didn’t enjoy live tweeting an event and I wouldn’t choose to again.

Primarily, I found it difficult to focus on the game while simultaneously exploring the hashtag, trying to interact with others and looking for what other professionals were saying about the game. I felt as though I was staring at my computer more than the game. Multitasking in this way is not something I enjoyed at all and I felt all over the place trying to understand what was going on.

Additionally, I created a Twitter account solely for this course, so I’m not a pro with exploring the trending hashtags or knowing the correct lingo on Twitter. I didn’t know what to say regarding my own opinions because I was simply watching what was happening. For me, I’d need more time after the game to collect my thoughts and determine some big observations. It was too fast paced for me and because of this, I was very inconsistent in my grammar and really only reported on significant things that happened.

Throughout the whole game, I tried to find reputable people to interact with and respond to, but there were constantly new tweets that once I had formed my thoughts, too much time had gone by for me to respond. On the other hand, these people are professionals who know everything about the players and teams, whereas I am not whatsoever.

Thus, my experience live tweeting was unpleasant and I recognize that I don’t want to do anything related to this in my future career. I enjoy observing events for what they are and my brain is programmed to think things through way too many times before clicking post.



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