I’m a frequent consumer of social media. For three days, I tracked and recorded my social media consumption and recognized the disturbing reality of how connected I am to everything — constantly. I found patterns in the times I’m active on social media, as well as differences of platforms I use depending on how busy I am. Day to day, I use Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. I scroll on LinkedIn a few times a week and rarely go on Twitter at all.

I spend the most time on Instagram, with a daily average of an hour and a half. I spend the majority of my time on my cooking Instagram account, where I post a new recipe, find new chefs to follow, or simply scroll for long periods of time. On my personal account, I educate myself on social issues, look at meme accounts, send funny or cute posts to my friends and check out the celebrity gossip. Quite a variety, I know.

Snapchat is the first social media app I click on every day and the one I click on most often. I use this to respond to my friends, watch Snapchat stories and get my daily dose of fake news. On average, I spend an hour on it per day. Typically, I click on Snapchat when I receive a notification and spend only a couple minutes on it.

Facebook is something I habitually click on without even realizing it. I scroll through my feed to look at the absurd political posts, animal videos, photos of friends and cooking videos. On average, I spent 20 minutes on Facebook per day.

I’ve found that when I’m alone and bored, I click on social media apps most frequently. When I’m busy with schoolwork, Snapchat is really the only platform I go on throughout the day.