Who Influences Me?

Sheila Cavanagh
2 min readOct 20, 2020

It took me a minute to think about who influences me on social media because I post the things that make me laugh or genuinely happy. This isn’t me saying, “oh, look at me. I’m cool and I post random things on Instagram and no one influences me.” No, that’s not what I’m saying at all because it’s impossible not to be influenced by social media. I really just didn’t know because my personal page is weird and doesn’t reflect any account I follow. But that’s when I realized there’s a never ending list of accounts I’m influenced by on social media. I’m interested in so many things and that’s why I post so many different things.

My Instagram explore page has content ranging from interior design to forests to anti-racism education to inspiring people to funny memes. This wide range of topics I explore reflects my personal Instagram page: no theme, lots of bright colors, most of the pictures aren’t of me. So, I’m going to talk about a few profiles that influence what content I scroll through on social media and what I think about in the actual world.

First, I always find myself scrolling through @elainewelteroth’s page. She’s an author, journalist, stunning, intelligent, fashionista. She’s got it all and her drive in all aspects of life makes me want to learn more about literally everything. Welteroth is always creating something new, having important conversations, dancing and being perfect with her husband. Clearly, I admire her accomplishments and concern for the world, and this inspires me to be a stronger and more curious woman.

@inagarten doesn’t even need an introduction. My mom and I have been obsessed with Ina since forever. Barefoot Contessa, entertainment spaces, The Hamptons, flower centerpieces, Jeffrey. A few things I love about her. I look to Ina for simple recipes, beautiful garden spaces, quick tips and flowers. Basically, all my favorite things. I could name 20 accounts I follow off the top of my head that have similar vibes.

Last, but definitely not least is the funny content I watch. I have to give this to both @bennydrama7 and @rickeythompson. They are both hilarious and sassy and I send every one of their videos to my friends. @bennydrama7 imitates celebrities and makes fun of reality tv shows. He goes all out in them with makeup, music and editing. And @rickeythompson is a jaw-dropping fashion icon who rants about everything in the funniest manner, is an amazing dancer and is everything I strive to be. I live to laugh and definitely spend a lot of time on social media laughing.